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Dean Zhao
Current Residence: Vancouver, BC / Crazy Walrus Land of Cheese
Favourite genre of music: I have no idea.
Favourite photographer: ...I have no idea.
Favourite style of art: Just needs to be Awesome or Shiny. Or Shiny Awesome.
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition.
MP3 player of choice: Anything that has a Random feature.
Shell of choice: Spiked Blue Koopa Shell = Instant Win.
Wallpaper of choice: Anything by Edgen.
Skin of choice: ...Human?
Favourite cartoon character: ...I really need to make a list of my favourite things.
Okay... where am I? Apologies for being dead, and missing my birthday update. Apparently, I've been fairly drunk these few days. Drunk from drinking a dozen cans of Dr.Pepper. Every. Single. Day. So my blood has been filled with very large doses of strange chemicals for the last while, which has made me unable to draw my already crappy doodles, or properly think of things to write. Anyway, my annoucement was that I'm going to start Crazed Happy soon, and I'll be posting some misc. things that I need some feedback on. That'll be happening till I decide Crazed Happy is ready for launch. Which I expect to be when school starts. Don't ask why. It's just a guess.

ANYWAY!... time to do my usual, blatant advertising. Except this time, I have something that comes from my boss. I say boss, because I'm a Moderator on this 'bitchin RPG', and my bosses are the almighty Kytt and Pilgrim. Their both the creators, but Kytt is the crazier person, so he's considered the one with slightly more power. Anyway, here's some blatant advertising.


Razor's Edge

What is Razor's Edge? It's a forum-based text RPG that has been in the works for the better part of a year and a half. That's the simple description of it. What's the complex one?

Well, Razor's Edge is a game that takes alot of aspects drawn from generic tabletop pen and paper RPGs and brings them to life through the magic of creativity and text-based goodness.

The game takes place in Edge City, the last metropolis. A mecca of balance between the three races that inhabit what is known as the world- the Teknoholden, the Forgam, and the Mooto.

In the beginning there were a race of people called (for lack of a better word) the Founders. Their entire society was based on using technologies that incorporated not only the kind of stuff you'd see in a futuristic society, but magic as well. At some point, for no known reason, the Founders left- destination unknown. They left behind nothing of their legacy but the ruins that now line the levels of the Undercity. The people that came and built Edge City know not how they came to be, but only that they are currently. However, not understanding the Founder technology, they began to split into two groups.

The Teknoholden are a race of (as it may be obvious) technologically advanced people, believing that it was the technological aspects of the Founders' society that was the driving force. They have cast off any sense of the old ways in favor of a life in the fast lane, surrounded by towers of glass and steel. They live fueled by coffee, drugs, and money.

The Forgam, on the other hand, believe that it was the magical aspects of the Founders' society that was the driving force. They live in more simple ways, and practice old traditions and old magics. They live inspired by the pursuit of knowledge and power.

As these two factions grew, they began to clash. Forgam and Teknoholden were suddenly strange bedfellows in a rapidly shrinking world. It was the coming together of these two peoples that created the third race, the Mooto.

The Mooto were created by the toxic excesses of the Forgam's potions and magic, mixed with the toxic waste created by the Teknoholden's so-called advanced society. They were once normal people- Forgam, Teknoholden... no one really cares anymore. The toxic waste acted as a catalyst and sped up the mutations that the potions and magic caused, and the potions and magic acted as a catalyst and sped up the mutations that the toxic waste caused. Regardless of who started what, the people affected began to see their very DNA being altered. They would then have children along the same lines, mutants every one of them. In the more recent years, activists for the Mooto cause have lobbied, seeing as the term "mutant" sounded like somewhat of an insult. These days, the correct way to address these people is either by their proper name- Mooto, the slang shortening- Moot, or simply "Metahuman".

These three races now all share Edge City, each group clearly preferring one section or another, but intertwining nevertheless.

There are political factions, military forces, paramilitary forces, police forces, crime syndicates, and street gangs, all constantly in shift around the ever-moving world of Razor's Edge. This game is a year and a half in the making, and I promise that once you get into it you will not be disappointed (if you like text-based RPGs, anyway).

Check out the forum [ ], look around, download the Player's Guide and thumb through it, and I hope to see you on the Edge.

- Kytt


Alright, now unlike other blatant advertisment I do, I want you to actually follow this one. Really. I mean it. Your bound to get a few cookies if you join. We like cookies. Don't you? :3

That link again, is [ ]

Hope to see you there! :3

Note: If you have any questions, post a comment stating it, and I'll get to it as soon as possible. Which will be fairly soon. Say, a few minutes after your posted. Unless I'm drunk again. Than it will take a bit longer. Anyway, I'm going to lie down now. Remember to join Razor's Edge! The link is right above this note.

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